Or commonly referred to as a screwdriver in Indonesian

a power tool used to manually change the power screw mounted on a machine. A typical simple screwdriver has a handle and shaft, and with the tip of a screwdriver which is usually in the form min (-) or plus (+) users to the head of the screw to change the pressure force on menepelnya screw on the machine. screwdriver body is usually made of steel that is difficult to bend or twist, Handle screwdriver or screwdriver handle is usually wood, metal, or plastic

and usually hexagonal, square, or oval in cross-section to increase the grip on the screw and prevents the tool (screwdriver) from rolling when worn. Some screwdriver users have different sizes and shapes depending on a variety of sizes It often has a hollow handle which contains various types and sizes of tips, and a reversible ratchet action that allows some full round without repositioning the tip or the user's hand.

A screwdriver is classified use by the end, which is shaped to conform to the surface of the slot, groove, recess, etc.-in the appropriate screw head. The proper use requires that the screwdriver tip involving head screw of the same size and type of appointment as a screwdriver tip. screwdrivers are available in various types and sizes, as mentioned previously


Or more commonly known as a key and also called spanner is a tool used to open the bolt / "bolt" grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects-usually fasteners by turning / rotation

"Adjustable Wrench"

Or more commonly known as A wrench is usually defined by the tool used to rotate the bolt that use function which is a kind of high quality wrenches are typically made of chrome-vanadium alloy tool steels and are often drop-forged. They often chrome plated to prevent corrosion and ease of cleaning.

"Socket wrench"

also a key of another type A, or commonly referred to as a socket key is a key that has the type of socket mounted at one end, usually used to change the binder in this case bolts.

The most common form is ratcheting socket wrench, which is often called ratchet

.A Ratchet is a hand tool that handles attached metal ratcheting mechanism, which is attached to the socket, which in turn is suitable for the type of bolt or nut. Pull or push in one direction, a ratchet that loosens or tightens the bolt or nut attached to the socket. Turned the other direction, the ratchet does not light but allow the handle ratchet socket will be re-positioned another turn while still attached to the bolt or nut. The ratcheting action allows the binder to be quickly tightened or loosened gradually without removing the tool from the fastener. Switch built into the head of the ratchet that allows the user to apply a ratcheting action in either direction, as needed, to tighten or loosen the fastener.

Socket attached to the ratchet through square fitting (called drive) containing the ball detent spring mechanism to keep the socket or extension in place. Drive in a ratchet-which come in standard sizes 1/4 ", 3/8", 1/2 ", 3/4", and 1 "(a de facto international standard without metric equivalent) Allows a wide range of types and sizes of sockets to attach to the ratchet given. Some of the fastener has a quick release button on top of them to release the socket quickly. The ratchet handle supplying mechanical advantage needed by the user to provide the torque required to loosen or tighten the fastener.

Socket usually cylinder has six or twelve hidden point opening of suitably sized women in the general male hexagonal head fastener. Opponents end has a standard square recess for receiving a key drive socket size. Male socket is also produced and is often called the bit sockets.

The main advantage of interchangeable sockets is that, instead of a separate key for each variety of different fastener sizes and types, only a separate socket is required for each size and type. Because of their flexibility, virtually all types of screws and bolts now have sockets of various types are made to adjust their bolts or nuts. Socket often comes as a "socket set" with different sizes or types of sockets to fit different head sizes of fasteners. A ratchet of "size set" is often included with the socket set. Sockets are generally available in inch and metric size fractions, and short (shallow) and long (in) varieties.


A bottle jack is known as hydraulic jack that resembles the shape of the bottle, has a cylindrical body and neck, from which emerged a hydraulic ram. In the vertical piston bottle jack and directly support the bearing pad contact with the object is lifted. With single piston action, so it is suitable only for vehicles with relatively high permit limits that no limit size.

They have a capacity of up to 50 tons and can be used to lift various objects. The use of specifically include car repair and house foundations. Larger, heavy duty model may be known as a jack barrel

Jack type is best used for short vertical lift.

"Universal joint"

The combined rigid metal rod that allows the rod to rotate in all directions, and is commonly used in the "shaft" that transmit rotary motion.

It consists of a pair of hinges located close together, oriented at 90 ° to each other, connected by a cross shaft.

while "working" rigid metal rod will not be equal to the speed problem, in other words not constant along

"Hex Key"

Or hex key that is better known as L. key

Metric hex key size is sometimes referred to using the term "M" followed by the size in millimeters of the appliance or socket, eg "M6", although this is to be confused with the use of standard "M6" which refers to the size of metric screws or bolts.


Or more commonly known as Tang is "handtools" which is used to hold it firmly by clamping, developed from the clamp used for handling hot metal, pliers Also useful for bending and compressing a variety of materials. Generally, pliers consist of a pair of first-class metal lever joined fulcrum positioned close to one end of a lever, making short jaws on one side of the fulcrum, and the handle again on the other side.

This arrangement creates a mechanical advantage, which allows the hand grip strength to be strengthened and focused on objects with precision. The jaw can also be used to manipulate objects too small or heavy to be manipulated with the fingers.

Clamp or rang is similar tool with various types of heads that are used to cut and pull, rather than squeeze. Effective tool "tang" is designed primarily for security handling hot objects usually called tongs. Special tools to make the connection hitch in electrical and electronic applications are often called "crimping pliers"; each type of connection using a special tool itself.

There are many types of pliers are made for a variety of general and special purpose

- "Snap Ring Flier Internal Straight"

- "Aviation Snip Straight"


What it vanadium steel: Vanadium Steel was one of the steel elements are easily formed and not brittle. in fact Vanadium harder than most metals and steel It has good resistance to corrosion and very stable to alkali

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